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Luffa Sponge Gourd

(Luffa aegyptiace) 


Grow these super fun gourds in your garden this summer! 

Not only are the young gourds edible, but the mature fruit creates  amazing sponges for cleaning the entire house.

Once you're finished using them you can throw them in the compost!


These plants love a long growing season, if you live in zones 4-5 start them indoors 6-weeks before the last frost date. 

In growing zones 6+ direct sow seeds in prepared garden bed after your last frost for the season. 


These plants like to climb & they can get huge a strong fence or trellis is needed.


All seeds are organically grown & harvested at Sacred Hollow Farm


Seeds per package: 15

Luffa Sponge Gourd Seed

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