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Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis)


This plant has history dating back to the ancient Egyptians, when they made a special treat made from it's roots.... Yes, this plant was origianally used for marshmallows! (Although, much different than the ones we know today.)

They were made from the water activated gooey substance of the marshmallow's roots.


Because of this gooey substance known as mucilage, this beautiful perennial herb/flower is a must in the medicinal garden.

Marshmallow is known as the "gut bandaid" for its ability to coat the digestive tract, cool inflammation and prevent leaky gut issues.

It's also great to use topically for cuts, scapes & burns.


All parts of this plant is medicinal and is wonderful added in tea blends, ground into capsules or a tincture.


Marshmallow is grown as a perennial in growing zones 4+


Sow seed directly into prepared garden bed in late fall or very eary spring.

Marshmallow germinates best with a cold stratification period.


This seed package contains 1/8 tsp of organic seed.


All seeds are organically grown, harvested & processed right here at Sacred Hollow Farm.

We never use pesicides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers of any kind, ever.

Marshmallow Seed

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