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Red Spike Amaranth



This amazing plant was not only a crowd pleaser this summer for glorious looking flower bouquets, but it's a very nutritious grain with ancient history.

Did you know that we can pop amaranth seeds like popcorn?! It's tiny, but mighty!

This ancient grain has more protein than quinoa and is universal in its culinary abilities. 


Red Spike Amaranth is easy to grow and can reach heights of six feet!


Sow seeds in a prepared garden bed after the last frost of the season. 

Amaranth will bloom from early summer all the way to the first frost of the year; it's prolific, abundant and adds texture to the garden.


Seeds per package 1/8 tsp.


All seeds are grown and harvested organically right here at Sacred Hollow Farm.

Red Spike Amaranth

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