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What can we say about magnesium oil... It's the BEE'S KNEES!

This amazing oil gets absorbed through the skin transdermally when applied topically.

Most of us are deficeient in magnesium, this is a great way to supplement our body without taking capsules.


We like to apply magnesium oil to sore muscles anytime of day; or if we can't sleep we like to use it on the bottoms of our feet, crease of elbows, back of neck and on our calves; then off to dreamland we go...


** Itchiness Can Occur **

If you're sensitive to magnesium oil, apply a lotion to the area before the oil; this will slow down absorption & minimize the itchy sensation.



Topical Use Only


Product Details:

2oz oil


** Allergy Warning **

Contains lavender & magnesium chloride


*Organic Ingredients:

Magnesium chloride & *lavender infused distilled water 1:1

Sleepy Time Magnesium Oil

  • Keep out of direct sunlight & heat

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