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Tulsi (Holy) Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum) 


This herb is very special to us, not only does it taste wonderul in a tea, or on food, but the scent is one that no one has been able to really  describe! 

We've heard people say it smells like candied bananas, or cotton candy, but for us it smells like Christmas morning, (if that scent could be described.)


Tulsi basil is used medicinally for its calming effects on the nervous system; this herb is great as a nightcap tea. 


Tulsi is grown as an annual 


Sow seed directly into prepared garden after the risk of frost. 


This seed package contains 1/8 tsp of organic seed.


All seeds are organically grown, harvested & processed right here at Sacred Hollow Farm.

We never use pesicides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers of any kind, ever.

Tulsi (Holy) Basil

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