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(Ingredients: California poppy, Blue vervain, Devils claw, Feverfew, Meadowsweet)

Botanical families: Papaveraceae, Verbenaceae, Pedaliaceae, Asteraceae, Rosaceae


Peace is a specially formulated tincture for inviting relief from deep arthritic pain, allowing our bodies to relax, creating a sense of peace and calm. 

These herbs also aid in the healthy functions of the digestive tract, allowing us to release any heat or indigestion issues. 


Dose: 15-30 drops 1-3 times daily


Caution: Allergies to Asteraceae or Compositae botanical families.

Animal use: Yes  *Does contain alcohol


All herbs are organically farmed or wildcrafted at Sacred Hollow Farm

Peace Tincture

  • No returns on herbal treatments

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